Project - Meloncholy Machine

Meloncholy Machine is a series of digital works created to explore nostolgic longing through the lense of past technologies.

Something dies when you grow older...


Putting limitations on yourself can lead to interesting results. For some projects that I undertake, I like to set parameters for myself and see what I can come up with while staying true to the rules I've set. This has a tendancy to to force you to come up with creative ways of solving problems.

With Meloncholy Machine I wanted to create a set of animated GIFs consisting of ASCII art. The character set I chose was was and ASCII variation used by Commadore called PETCII. This character set has a bunch of nifty little symbols that can give you some neat effects when making pictures from them. I tried to stay true to the theme by using color schemes remiscent of older machines and displays. The result is a look into the kind of nostolgic melocholy that exists when you get to sit down and use a machine from your childhood.

There is a weird thing that happens when you fire up and use a machine stuck in time. These old machines are a snapshot into the past. It's like going back to your childhood hometown after years of being away. It's the same but it's different. Not because it's changed, but because you are.   


Digital Varnish.


Digital work creates an interesting problem. It doesn't actually exist. In essence it's a bunch of switches either switched on or off. It isn't paint. It isn't permenant. With a keystroke it can be gone forever. It's an interesting state of matter. I've been experimenting with putting my digital work on the blockchain. Using IPFS to permenently store the image (distributed storage) and ethereum to add an immutable record of where the image is located in space, it creates a way to store and track the piece. At SuperRare, I have listed my work for sale and most pieces of this series are now held by private collectors. It's a strange time for art. I love it.

View the complete series on SuperRare here.