Reviiser V.1.3 Cyberdeck Master Post

My latest project is a 3d printed cyberdeck I'm calling the Reviiser v.1.3.

The Reviiser V.1 is a luggable cyberdeck designed around a Raspberry Pi 4.

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-- Key features: --

Fully 3D printed case
7" touchscreen display
Mechanical keyboard
32,000 mAh battery
Built-in touchpad
Foldable "portability"
Mechanical on/off switches

-- Parts List: --

Note: These are referral links to the parts I used in this project. If you don't want to buy me a coffee that's cool, just search for the terms I used here and compare them to the ones in the pictures and video. Some of these links are for multi-packs and kits (Namely the bolts and nuts). I'm almost positive that these same products can be purchased cheaper from Alibaba or elsewhere. I have just included links to the exact listings to the parts I used. The only piece that is absolutely crucial that you use the exact one I used is for the HDMI ribbon. The orientation and size of the 90 degree bend is important for the cover to close properly.

Raspberry Pi 4 Kit W/ Heatsink

Longrunner 7 Inch Screen

Z-88 Keyboard

Ymdk carbon 87 top print keyset

10 pcs Mini Toggle Switches

Umecore USB C Cable 180 Degree 3 Ft.

Lanmu 3.5mm 90 Degree Audio Adapter

Short micro HDMI 90 to standard HDMI Ribbon D-2

M3 Screw/Nut Set

Acorn Nut Set

M6x130mm Bolts

Ergo Touchpad ETP001ETP

RAVPower Portable Charger 32000mAh Battery Pack

3/4" Poly Strapping

ADPOW USB 3.0/audio jack Flush Mount Cable



-- Print Settings: --

Printer Brand:



Ender 5







Filament: 3D Warhorse PLA+ 


Most of the pieces were designed to not need supports. The only notable pieces that need supports are the hinges that should be printed in the upright position from the .STL.

All pieces should be printed in the orientation they are found in the .STL. I have designed the pieces to minimize warping and to minimize the need for supports.

I printed everything at 100% infill because I'm a monster. Your results may vary. 

Buckle design remixed from:

Music used in videos: Stop ( by FUGUE ) URL:

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